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Financial Costs

When buying your new home, you will be responsible for paying:

Reservation fee of 150.00 (once your application has been approved)

When the sale proceeds this fee will be offset against the purchase price. If you withdraw from the sale MGHA reserves the right to retain the fee

Mortgage arrangement fee (if applicable)

Mortgage valuation fee

Legal Fees

Stamp Duty (consult your solicitor)


Removal Costs

Running costs of your home

Mortgage Repayments

Rent & Service Charge

Repairs & maintenance costs

Home Contents insurance

Council Tax

Utility Bills

Fittings & Furniture

Other regular household bills

Will I be able to get a mortgage?

Mortgages are available from various banks and building societies (Muir can advise on who offer shared ownership mortgages) subject to your income and credit history. Muir Group Housing Association will need to also approve your mortgage offer to fit our affordability criteria before you can proceed with the sale.